Saturday, June 4, 2011

Movie and TV Reviews

Welcome everyone.  This is my second blog page and I am dedicating this one to my entertainment interests.  On, I discuss mostly sports related topics.  On this blog, most of my posts will deal with movies, tv, books, and maybe even some music.  I may review new movies or tv programs, or I may revisit some old fare.  Some of my reviews may be on older movies I've just seen for the first time.  There may be no rhyme nor reason to why I may chose to review any particular film or program.

I chose to start a second blog because my posts on non sports related topics on seem to have an audience separate from my sports audience.  I just decided to separate my topics so my readers who are interested in different things don't have to wade through the stuff in which they have less interested.

I appreciate all of my readers from both blogs and I hope you continue enjoy them.

Thanks for reading.


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