Wednesday, July 6, 2011

Land of the Lost

I’m writing this review merely as a warning to all.  I’m not usually terribly negative but I cannot help me myself this time.  Viewers beware:  Land of the Lost is absolutely horrible.        

I watched this with my son and I wished the whole time I was somewhere else, anywhere else.  It surprisingly carries a PG-13 rating, mainly for language and innuendo, but I can not imagine anyone over the age of 13 ever enjoying this waste of time and money.  My son enjoyed it enough; he found several of the scenes funny.  Even his endorsement, though, was less than ringing afterward.

I have grown weary of Will Ferrell and Land of the Lost may be the final straw for me.  He and co-star Danny McBride plod through an awful script as if they too wanted to be anywhere else.  They were as uninspiring, as unenthusiastic, as unfunny, as you could possibly imagine. 

I question how this film was ever made anyway.  Director Brad Silberling should look for a different line of work.  It was such a waste of time.  It is an hour and a half I will regretfully never get back.  Only Anna Friel offered even the slightest hint of charm and it was probably just me wistfully recalling her work on the delightful television show Pushing Daisies. 

Okay, enough is enough.  I’m sure everyone gets the point.  You’ve been warned.

I promise a review of something much better soon.

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