Saturday, October 13, 2012


When I first saw the trailer for Argo, I found the topic intriguing.  I also wondered what kind of audience it would draw.  I doubted this film would draw the audience that should go see it.  As I sat in the theater, I couldn’t help but notice that nearly every person at this particular screening was older than I am.  That was unfortunate because younger people are going to not only miss a taunt, explosive thriller but also a very important chapter in recent American history.

As I sat through the opening half an hour or so, my mind began to refresh itself on the events from over thirty years ago that made up the subject matter of this film.  In 1979, I was thirteen years old.  I was old enough to remember the events but not old enough to comprehend what led to them.   I remember the images of these events and the anguish that accompanied them.  I can easily recall the news reports and the yellow ribbons tied around trees, fence posts, and telephone poles.  As I have gotten older, I have learned more about the chain of events that led to the fall of the Shah of Iran and I believe it to be important and relevant to current world events.  Unfortunately, I doubt as many of our country’s youth will find this movie interesting enough to go see.

It is my opinion that Ben Affleck has become a much better director than he ever was an actor.  In Argo, he was adequate in the lead role but was brilliant as the director.  He did a great job capturing the mood and the images.  His attention to detail was incredible.  He was passable as an actor because this wasn’t role that required greatness.  It wasn’t about the individual characters but the events themselves.  Affleck kept the pace brisk and the drama constant.  He was patient in not only telling the story but educating the audience on the cause and the background.  He maintained the edge-of-your-seat intensity right up to the end, drawing out the drama and excitement with dragging it out too far.

I am all for going to the movies for entertainment purposes.  I am also thrilled when I can thoroughly enjoy and movie and also learn some things too.  It was great to see what really happened during a historical event from my lifetime and getting a peak at how they unfolded.  I look for Ben Affleck to get an Oscar nod for his direction of this film and it will be well deserved.  I am gaining more and more respect for him as a film maker and it appears he is building his niche in Hollywood. 

Whether you are old enough to remember these events or not, do yourself a favor and go see this film.  As I mentioned, it is relevant to current world events and it a terrific true story thriller.  Encourage any younger people you may know to see Argo.  No one will be disappointed.

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